In the foothills of the Lower Laurentians, the valley of the Bonniebrook River offers some breathtaking scenery. Redesigned in 1993 and framed by a mature forest, our championship par 71 course represents a challenge for beginner to expert golfers.

Choose your game from four different sets of tees according to your ability. Water comes into play on twelve of the eighteen holes and more than fifty well groomed sand traps are eagerly awaiting your sand wedge.

Here is a description of the 18 holes and tips from our Golf Professional Gilles Gareau, member of the CPGA since 1968.


Aim for the yellow and black checked flag placed at the bottleneck of the fairway.

The green is 100 yards away from this point.

Be careful, the fairway leans towards the river to your right and on the left a small lake is hidden protecting the 8th green.




Don’t ruin your game needlessly on this hole with a bad first shot! The fairway “doglegs” severely to the left 150 yards before the green.

Aim for the 50 yards of reception area between the 100 and 150 yard markers. Unfortunately the woods on the right will swallow a drive that doesn’t have a right to left effect!

Therefore, play safely, a drive of 180 yards or less will allow a second shot to the green with an added bonus of a good flat lie.


Here we go! Take your driver out of the bag!

Favour the left side of the fairway on your second shot as a lake is waiting to surprise you on the right. Be careful, there are two hidden sand traps on the right side of the green.



Aim your drive at the cleared trees on the left favouring a left to right ball. A generous fairway awaits you so don’t hold back on this swing!

Your shot to the green looks flat but actually has an upward slope; take an additional club so you won’t be short.



How exciting to attempt a par 5 in two; somewhat like Tiger Woods.
The 5th hole gives you this chance but the lake in front of this green fills the width of the fairway.
Unfortunately this is the most fruitful water hazard for the divers that recover our golf balls. Calculate the distance and make a wise decision!

HOLe NO. 6

This small green has two levels and all putts break to the right.

Play safely; it’s better to be short as the sides and the back of this green are very unforgiving.



If you miss your drive; you’re safe on the left but out of bounds on the right.

Depending on the length of your drive you may choose to play safe short of the severe gully in front of the green.

Watch the trap on your right as this green leans towards it.



Take time to appreciate the scenery, relax and take a full swing!

This hole is very wide and you need your best length to attack this temperamental green with precision.

For your approach, favour the left side of the green and be cautious of the lake on the right.


Reaching this small green in one shot is an achievement!  (We are planning to enlarge it this fall.)

Don’t force your swing; favour the front or the right side of the green.

A good approach and a putt will do the job!  Be happy with a bogey here!


HOLE NO. 10 

This is an ascending par three where you need to aim center green or left.

Hitting below the pin eliminates a very unpredictable downhill putt.

A short, right shot will roll into the inviting sand trap.   


This dogleg turns severely to the left at 150 yards from the green.

Be careful of the lake that protects the left side of the fairway in the reception area of your drive.

This green is very narrow and almost 40 yards deep; the approach shot will require a club more if the flag is positioned in the back.


By favouring the left side of the fairway on your drive you will take advantage of a good lie for your next shot.

Play safely and aim to land on the plateau 100 yards from the green.

An approach shot of 50 to 100 yards to this small convex green will be ideal.

Watch the back of this green that has a very abrupt slope.


Precision and carry is required from the tee!

For your second shot, remember that the sand trap hiding your view of the green prevents you from making a good calculation of the length of this approach shot.

Check your distance twice… 


Take time to listen to the sound of the river flowing beside the tee.

Be cautious, especially if the flag is placed on the left; this green leans towards the river.



“SLICER’S” paradise! (Right handed players…)

Aim left and let your drive do the job!

Caution on this green; the grains of the green lean towards the Bonniebrook River (at your right) and your putts too.


hOLE NO. 16

If you are unable to control a right to left shot you should play safe on this drive.

Attack aggressively this green as the ball loves to roll back to the front.

Favour uphill putts especially if the flag is in the back right of the green!



DON’T TRY TO CUT THE CORNER! You may try to flirt with it but why ruin a great round?

Be careful of the lake located 200 yards from the back tee off.


HOLe NO. 18

The sequence of tees at your left allows you to attack the green lengthwise.

The tees on your right compel you to be excessively precise about your choice of club.

Think of the wind that usually helps the ball’s flight combined with the elevation factor before choosing your tool from the bag!

The peninsula green leans from right to left.

Finally, PLEASE take time to enjoy the breathtaking scenery!


HOLE No. 19

Favour the right side of the terrace for a view of the river!

The beer usually stays colder by the riverbank but SPEAK LOUDLY; the roar of the rapids deafens your words.

Enjoy the refreshing atmosphere…

Thank you for your visit!


The longest par 4 of the course!

Hole #4. Congratulations if you make a par!

Hole #9; the last existing hole of the original nine holes.

Watch the water protecting the entire width of the green!

#10 Tee off with green #18 in the background.

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