Log home project

 Here is an example of a project that harmonizes nature and home living.

Mr. Gareau always dreamed of residing in a log house and in 2004 he found the perfect spot for his project. About 500 yards downriver from green # 1 the Bonniebrook River makes a 90 degree turn and passes through a rocky gorge. On a plateau overlooking this magnificent white water he decided to built his dream home.

The gallery that surrounds the house gives it a warm atmosphere.

The huge fireplace (foyer de masse) warms the enormous central room!

The river makes itself heard all year around; an agitated roar in the spring; a gay melody in the summer and an ever changing song in the winter.

The SPA-NATURE theme was inspired by this exceptional site where the river cuts through a rocky gorge for at least 40 yards..!

The spa experience starts with a swim in the turbo pool or just a relaxation period in the whirlpool mode…

Followed by a sauna that eliminates all those toxins….

Finally for the more adventurous; a dip in the natural whirlpools of the « Bonniebrook » finishes the experience!

Water hazard on the 17th hole!

Snowshoeing on the banks of the Bonniebrook River.

Would you like to live overlooking the 15th fairway?

Gilles Gareau, owner, in front of the Club House.

The Bonniebrook River in winter!

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